Looking Ahead…

Since Christmas, not much has happened to me. Unfortunately, awful things are happening to many underprivileged people all over the world. I recently went to a Family Christian Bookstore and I picked up a World Vision magazine. I skimmed over some articles and one caught my attention. It talked about how a person dies from illness in Africa every minute….EVERY MINUTE!!! That is just unbelievably heart breaking! I also read about how this guy asked for $30 for his birthday from each person and he eventually raised thousands of dollars after putting it on Facebook and he was actually interviewed about his mission. He was able to buy thousands of bed nets and saved around 8,000  lives! That is so inspiring!!! Please help me on a similar mission…though mine is currently only $225. If you feel inspired to help people with even just a small contribution, I know someone you don’t even know will be forever grateful. Please contribute even a $1!!!


A Blessed Christmas

This Christmas, I wanted the usual: a new phone, some gift cards, some things for an upcoming trip, but what I got really moved me. My Godfather gave me a card that said a donation of $50 for a share of a deep well (in some starving country) was given in my name, on my world vision page. I opened the box and for the first time, cried on Christmas. It was the best gift anyone could give me. I admit, it was a little embarrassing crying in front of 30 other family members, but I didn’t mind that much, in comparison to the gift. At that moment I felt peace with God and knew that because of me, some poor family in desperate need got help. It was such an amazing Christmas, and I hope everyone else had an equally awesome day!

Miracles Do Happen…

I have amazing news! A very wonderful person in my life donated the rest of my goal money, plus more on my world vision page. (I will share the story after Christmas…) That means that some family in desperate need of help can rest a little easier this holiday, and know that they are being heard. I will make another goal after the holidays, so hopefully, I will be able to get more money by my birthday to give another gift of precious, and much needed, help. If you feel touched as I have, please donate! Every dollar helps!Image


Friendship and coffee

Mustard Seed Budget

images-2I posted a challenge to the existentialists. No one every responded. Maybe they don’t think I exist.

When I posted a challenge to the atheists, they responded with fury. They are a jolly group of friends, nice guys, all of them.

I have discovered that WordPress is a great place to make friends. I am impressed by the sincerity of people. Y’all are so heartfelt.

holiday-coffee-topimages-3One of the things I enjoy with friends is sharing coffee. The Native Americans smoked the peace pipe. Some people share a beer. I savor coffee. It’s my way of bonding, a ritual for communicating how much I value the person.

christmas-coffee-03Throughout 2012, I have had some wonderful conversations with you blogger friends. We have shared in struggles and triumphs, joys and depressions. But I’m afraid inviting you to coffee in Santa Monica would be seen as creepy, so have a coffee in wherever you…

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Maybe Next Year…

This year I really wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. That is not going so well…I have donated money, but nothing impressive. Not that I want to be commemorated or praised or any of that, but I feel that its the right thing I should be doing right now. I knew this would take a while, but I guess its taking longer than I thought, which I shouldn’t be surprised about. Maybe by next Christmas, or really whenever I can get enough money to reach my goal, I can buy some poor families some lifesaving bed nets, medicine, or even a well. Please Help me in reaching my goal!


My Christmas Wish…

My Christmas wish this year is to help save the lives of at least one family in desperate need. I’m having a lot of trouble doing so, but I still have hope and faith that someone will see my page and feel compelled to help as I have. I truly believe if we work together, we can save lives of hundreds of poor, dying families that just want some clean water or a piece of fruit; things we have so plentiful here, we don’t think anything of it. Just a dollar will help, so please check out my page and donate to someone who truly needs a gift this year!


My Cause

I saw a world vision magazine the other day and now feel compelled to help those in need. I was shocked at the seemingly low prices of some of the livestock and other necessities that are needed to change peoples’ lives. I feel this may be the best way to support my cause, so please visit my link and donate!